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Myles Yates

"As a mentee of Janell, I would not change anything at all. The type of teaching I would describe Janell possesses would be 'Tender Toughness'. She is caring in a way she holds you accountable. The speciality Janell has when giving guidance is her life experience. Her ability to persevere has taught her life lessons people wished they had.

She is the perfect balance of professional and personal. On and individual level she has helped me grow in my public speaking skills. I had a problem believing in my confidence. With Janell's patience and wisdom, she could pinpoint what the problem was and articulte how to fix it in a communicative way."

Myles Yates

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"I met Janell at a time in my life that I wasn't exactly sure what my next steps would be. She acted as a mentor to me even though we hadn't had an official 'will you be my mentor' discussion. 

I still follow and think about the advice and guidance she provided me. She has a way of explaining things and challenging you to think from a different perspective. I'm super thankful I met Janell when I did."

Cassidy Brown

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" I'd like Janell's soul to an aged wine or cheese. If such delicacies would soothe my heart aches for mature friendship and intimacy.

Lessons self taught with thorns and thistles irreparably pierced her mind illuminating insight and clarity Janell always shares her world. Janell epitomizes didactic."

Jeffrey Desir

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